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Hugh Campbell

Hugh Campbell has recently been appointed Professor of Architecture at UCD, from where he graduated in 1988 and received the first PhD in architecture in 1998. He has taught at the school since 1992. He has also taught and lectured at many universities around the world and is currently external examiner at London Metropolitan University and Cardiff University. His essays and articles have appeared in numerous journals and edited collections. Among his recent publications are essays on Hans Scharoun’s Philharmonie, and the photography of Philip Lorca-diCorcia. His research interests cover a wide spectrum from Irish architecture and urbanism to the relationship of consciousness and space.

Nathalie Weadick

Nathalie Weadick is the Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation, a national organisation committed to communicating architecture to the public. Previously she held the position of Deputy Director at The Architecture Foundation in London. In this capacity she worked on many successful and high profile projects such as Airspace and Debate London, a series of debates held in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. While in London she was a contributing member of Gaudi, a European architecture forum, Architecture Centre Network UK, Bankside and Southbank Cultural Quarter London and Curating Architecture at Goldsmiths University.

Formerly she was Director of the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny for five years, where she expanded its programme to include performance, photography, video and installation and ensured the organisation’s position on the international art scene. In her time at the Butler Gallery she curated shows by international artists Tony Cragg, Roman Signer, Ernesto Neto and Paul McCarthy. She also exhibited Irish artists such as Katie Holten, Alice Maher and Fergus Martin.
She has written for many publications including the Visual Artist Newssheet and Circa Magazine and has contributed on panels including Defining Space UCD; Rural Evolution with Marjetica Potrc Temple Bar Gallery; Architecture as Art Cork; Spatial Imagination Bartlett School of Architecture London; Curating the Collection UCC and the National Eisteddfod of Visual Art, Wales.

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Nathalie Weadick

Director, Irish Architecture Foundation

Hugh Campbell

Senior Lecturer, University College Dublin

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Hugh Campbell

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