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Dara McGrath

Dara McGrath’s interest lies in exploring the transitional lives of spaces, those in-between places where architecture, landscape and the built environment often intersect. His photoworks are realised both within the gallery space and as site-specific interventions/installations and collaborations.

Recent exhibitions/interventions include: European Night, La Nuit de l’Année, Rencontres d’Arles, France, Home/Visitant, Priorat Centre d’Art, Barcelona, Let Go RHA/Monster Truck Gallery (Ireland), ev+a, Limerick City, curator Hou Hanru (Ireland) 2008. Two Minds, GT Gallery (Belfast), Beyond the Country, Lewis-Glucksman Gallery (Ireland), Thru Irish Eyes, Beijing Institute of Art & Design, Kaunas Photo Days ’07, (Lithuania), Idensitat ’07, (Barcelona) 2007, EU Eyes on Japan, Iwate Museum of Modern Art+ Yokohama City Prefecture Gallery (Japan) 2006.

Deconstructing the Maze

Dara McGrath

in association with Robinson MacIlwaine Architects

The Maze/Long Kesh Prison has for over thirty years been a symbol of the conflict or Troubles in Ireland. Recently it was decided to demolish the former prison and to build a new national stadium on the 360-acre site. Through an extensive photographic survey of the prison during demolition, Dara McGrath explores what happens when space comes to the end of its life.

Does the process of deconstructing and destroying the architecture of containment also erase the memories, or are they intimately wedded to the space that is being left behind? What happens to a space when its people, in this case its prisoners, are no longer needed there? And can a deeper understanding of the voids rather than the container, also inform our understanding of the creation of architecture?

Photographer: Dara McGrath
Camera: Mark McLouglin/Dara McGrath
Editor: Dara McGrath
Advisors: Dara McGrath, Mark McLoughlin, Hugh Campbell, Nathalie Weadick, Paul Harrison, John Reid