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TAKA was founded by Alice Casey and Cian Deegan in Bangladesh in 2006. Alice Casey and Cian Deegan were born in Dublin in 1978 and 1980 respectively. They graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2003, both with First Class Honours, and moved to London in 2004. In London, Alice worked with Curtis Wood Architects and Cian worked with Niall McLaughlin Architects. They studied Professional Practice at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Alice won the school prize, while Cian graduated with distinction. Following their time in London they travelled extensively throughout Asia, Australia, South and North America, studying examples of vernacular architecture and culture. Moving back to Dublin in 2007, Alice has worked with dePaor architects, Cian with O’Donnell + Tuomey Architects. TAKA is a practice concerned with the communicative potential of architecture, with tectonic expression and with meaning. TAKA is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Mnemonic Tectonics: Constructing Space through Memory and Ritual


Architecture can offer spaces in which memories are born, remembered and re-enacted. This display follows the journey of a Dublin family moving from their life-long home to two new homes, one for the parents, another for a daughter and her new husband. A method of meaningful place-making is pursued through an architecture based on memory and social ritual.

Generic domestic space becomes a landscape of psychological significance, imbued with the past lives of its future occupants, yet ready to be appropriated as a new start.

A triptych of films charts the past home, enduring present lives and future spaces of the family. This anachronistic group faces each other as contemporaries in an introverted viewing space of reflection and layering. The object is conceived as a zoetrope, an early precursor to film, but one where
the persistence of vision is replaced by the endurance of memory.

Camera, Editing & Sound: Ealiona ard na Geise teo – Genevieve McGill, Phillip McMahon
Advisor: Michael Colgan