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McCullough Mulvin Architects

McCullough Mulvin Architects is a design-based architecture and urban design practice located in Dublin. Previous projects include the Ussher Library in Trinity College Dublin, the Model Arts and Niland Gallery in Sligo, Waterford City Library and the Source Arts Centre and Library in Thurles. The range of the practice is extended by publication, teaching and research. Common themes on the inter-relationship of art, landscape and memory play through the work; the practice has a particular interest in designing for very particular contexts, making a layered architecture of sublimated reference which reflects a specific response to site and place, or forming modern interventions in existing buildings, an open-ended exploration of materials and form which can occur at any scale. Current projects include a new City Morgue for Dublin, a child/adolescent psychiatric unit in Cork and a new library intervention in a church in Rush, Co. Dublin. Niall McCullough is a director of McCullough Mulvin Architects.


McCullough Mulvin Architects

This exhibit deals with the constantly changing zone between the architects’ idealised conception of spaces and the raw reality of their subsequent lives. Do architects ever dream of their spaces in use? If they do, are they visions of control rather than open-ended acceptance of flux? How does the exotic circus of real life affect the visionary original? Can they be weighted against one another? Can they be read in unison? And what might be learnt from the comparison? A pair of screens display a sequence of spatial episodes from Waterford Library. Seven still images – which together capture the episodic nature of the work – were filmed again to make living but static images. These are then set against the exact same shots taken in real time capturing the ordinary existence of the building in progress and the architecture framing that existence or being framed by it.

Filmmakers: Bang Bang Teo in collaboration with Valerie Mulvin and Niall McCullough
Director/Camera: Mark McLoughlin
Editor: Lanka Haouche
Sound: Brian Cass
Actors: Leona Roche, Stuart Hart